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Dr. Rachel Anner

Kfar Saba Dental Clinic - Dr. Rachel Anner

The Experts Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Rachel Anner, was established in 1994 and continues to constantly evolve and lead the trend of innovation, quality and uncompromising professionalism.

The clinic consists of a team of experts (authorized by the Health Ministry) from the leaders in their fields, including periodontal disease specialists, dental implants, prosthodontics and aesthetics, oral surgery, root canal treatments, facial aesthetic medicine and anesthesia. The clinic also includes a team of highly experienced dental hygienists trained in performing advanced periodontal treatments.

A dental clinic with a variety of treatments under one roof

The dental treatment category includes a variety of treatments, each of which can belong to a different field of expertise. For example, a person can suffer from tooth decay, and at the very same time need professional teeth straightening. Because each treatment is performed by a dentist specializing in the field, in many casese people need a different clinic and physician, and begin to tell their story from the beginning each time. At the Experts Clinic under the direction of Dr. Rachel Anner, a dental clinic in Kfar Saba, you can get all the treatments under one roof.
Dental implants - dental implants for missing teeth in favor of returning to full function.
Gum disease treatment - by a team of hygienists and physicians, with an exact match of the treatment to the gums condition.
Oral Rehabilitation and Aesthetics -  various Prosthodontics treatments, including fillings, completing missing teeth, jaws rehabilitation.
Oral Surgery - extractions, surgical extractions, dental implants, bone grafts.
Endodontics - root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, Apicoectomy, inner crown whitening, sealing perforations, root absorption.
Facial aesthetic medicine - facial filler, Botox, facelifts using strings.
Sedation - laughing gas, light anesthesia by a specialist.

Clinic with the best specialists

All treatments are performed by specialists, who have been authorized as dentists and interned in their field of work. The treatments are adjusted personally for the patient by Dr. Rachel Anner, while taking into account the condition of the teeth, patient preferences and level of anxiety.
For more information about our Expert Clinic run by Dr. Rachel Anner, a dental clinic in Kfar Saba, and to schedule an appointment - call us today on the phone or through the website and we will be happy to assist you.

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